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Why Be Concerned With Mid Acts Dispensationalism?

Some people are not aware of the dangers of this movement, and the purpose of this information is to share why people need to be concerned with Mid Acts Dispensationalism.

What do I mean by Mid Acts Dispensationalism?

There are different groups that people label Mid Acts Dispensationalism and I want to make it clear on who I am addressing.  In this context when I say Mid Acts Dispensationalism I am referring to those who call themselves “Bereans, Mid Acts Dispensationalists, Pauline followers, Grace believers, right dividers”, among other descriptions.  This movement has been around some 100 years or so and not so much known, but it is growing more and more.  When examining their theology there are some dangers that need to be addressed, and not all of them have all of these exact beliefs, but for the most part most they do.

Below are some of those that I have had interactions with and their views below.

  • Terry McLean with

  • Don Cote with right (no longer online)

  • Mark Mumma with

  • Jim Brackin

Mid Acts Dispensationalists beliefs?

There are many things concerning Mid Acts Dispensationalism beliefs and teachings to be on the look out for.  The following information will be some of the basic beliefs and doctrines of those who identify themselves as Mid Acts Dispensational believers.

  1. Many believe that the only true authorized English version of the Bible is the King James Bible.  That means they believe that all other English translations either have translational errors or theological errors because of how they view the King James Bible.  The problem with this is that there are various King James editions and most of them do not know which one they are clinging to or which one is the most accurate.  Majority of those in this movement seem to give the opinion that those who do not use the King James are being corrupted with false doctrines and being led astray by the devil.  (There are some who prefer other English Translations)
  2. They believe that the books written by the Apostle Paul are solely for the body of Christ to live by and for doctrine.  They go on to say that all other books are for the body of Christ for informative reasons but not for doctrine, which gets scary in some areas.  Those of this movement word it this way, “All of the Bible is for us but not all of the Bible is written to us.”  This is some crafty wording and many people have been deceived into believing un-Biblical doctrines through inaccurate ways of interpretation

  3. They believe that the books of Paul are the only books that teach salvation is by grace through faith in Christ for salvation.  They believe that all of the other books of the Bible teach a works salvation, including the other books in the New Testament.

  4. They believe that all other books of the Bible other than the ones Paul wrote are for the Jews and Jewish Christians.  Along with that they go on to teach that the book of Hebrews, James, epistles of Peter, epistles of John, Jude, and Revelation are all books for Jewish Christians and that the information within them is dealing solely with the Great Tribulation.

  5. They believe that they are to follow Paul, for Paul was the first one to preach the true gospel message for salvation in Christ by faith alone.  They go on to teach that Jesus and the Apostles before Paul taught a works gospel message for salvation, and that it was not until Paul became a Christian that the body of Christ began and the message of grace was being taught.

  6. They believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are no longer for today.  They believe that 1 Corinthians 13:10 teaches with the completion of the Bible the gifts are no longer needed for the body of Christ and for the world.

  7. They believe the body of Christ is not to be partaking of the Lord’s Supper because that was for the Jewish Christians and is yet for the future with God’s earthly kingdom.  They teach that this was not for the body of Christ and is not for us today.

  8. They separate Jewish Christians from the body of Christ and make them two different groups.

  9. They teach that Jewish Christians and believers from the Old Testament will be reigning on the earth through God’s kingdom program and the body of Christ will be living forever in heaven.

  10. There are some who teach that if you do not hold to these teachings (Mid Acts Beliefs) you truly are not a Christian and have been deceived through Satan’s lies.

Dangers of Mid Acts Dispensationalism

When examining all of this information and putting the pieces together it is clear that this movement of itself is dangerous and some-what-cultic in theology.  Some of the main leaders of this movement are Cornelius R. Stam, J. C. O’Hair, and Charles Baker.  Some leaders within this movement have went to far with their exclusiveness and traditions in which they have twisted the gospel and are leading people away from knowing Jesus truly.

However, just so it is clear, there are people within this movement that could be saved and truly know Jesus Christ personally.  We are just wanting to inform people concerning various dangers within this movement and that we must be very careful of the spiritual diseases that have come from those who claim to be “rightly dividing”, but in truth are “spiritually deceived”.  If you have any questions on this information please contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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