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Greetings friends in Christ Jesus, Lord bless you at this time of the year, and throughout the whole year. I want to thank those of you who have been praying for this ministry, who have help support through donations, thank you so much, it is needed and I so appreciate your encouragement. Some of you may know that I have bought a display sign post and rack, a microphone, and will be doing a set up witnessing to people on the streets with the good news of Jesus Christ. Here is a picture of the sign. Thank you for your support to help with these ministry needs. I will be getting resources, books, tracts soon to have a good collection of things to share with people on the streets. Also, I want to share my "so much" appreciation for those who also helped with some research resources. I was able to get some very good books that will be very useful for writing, research, teaching, and evangelism, thank you so much!

During the week along with 2-3 live streams on my channel I also talk with people who are reaching out to me to talk with me, some think they are evangelizing me (lol), and it is fruitful ministry. I have beeing talking with people who are Jehovah's Witnesses, former Catholics, ex Witnesses, Christians seeking prayer and guidance, and others. Please keep me in your prayers as well as I am seeking to serve the Lord in humility, with a servant attitude, as well as being a loving husband spending quality time with her. I wish to express my special thanks to you who have reached out to me, who have helped support through donations. This ministry is reaching people around the world, and your partners helping.

This ministry still needs more support (for bills, needs, ministry), as I am serving full time online and doing street witnessing. If you are able to help support through a donation or small monthly donations that would be such a blessing. Lord bless you, merry Christmas. If you have something you like to talk about or prayer, please send me an email.

In Christ Jesus,




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