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The Trinity

Equipping The Saints Webinar

Apologetics Webinar on the doctrine of the Trinity with 3 sessions that you will need to register. This will not be be live on my channel but will done through Streamyard privately.  This webinar is a donation of $35 for the 3 sessions.  If you are able to donate more to help those who are unable to donate for this webinar that would be appreciated.  If you are unable to donate $35 for the webinar please get in touch with me and let me know. The register link and PayPal link are below.  

In my 30 years plus of church ministry and apologetics I have noticed that the Trinity is the most attacked and misunderstood doctrine of the Christian faith.  This is why I have chosen this topic to address in our first Webinar.  This will be beneficial for all Christians, those who do know the Trinity well and those who do not know the Trinity that well.   We will examine both the Old Testament and the New Testament, respond to objections against the Trinity, and review some early Apostolic Church Fathers teachings on the Trinity for historical context.


This 3 Part Series will be on October 7th Saturday starting at 12PM Pacific Standard Time (3PM Eastern Standard Time).  We hope it will be convenient for people on the West Coast and East Coast, and hopefully those in others places around the world. 


There will also be PDF handouts for each session that will be emailed out before the Webinar for you to follow along.  

This Webinar has completed.  However, if you want access to the content, please contact us.

Date and Time

Saturday, October 7, 2023

 - starting at 12 pm PST (3 pm EST)


  1. The Trinity is Foundational  12:15-1:45 PST

  2. Why the Trinity Matters  ​​1:55-3:25 PST

  3. How to Defend the Trinity  ​​3:45-5:15 PST


Each session includes 30 minutes of Q&A

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