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Greetings everyone. As some of you may know from following me on my channel or on facebook I have been going through my health issues for a over a year now. Now knowing I have "Diverticulitis" and trying to get through this has been a challenge, but I believe things will get better in time. I really want to thank all who have been in touch with me sending encouragement, prayers and support. Again, thank you!

If you are not aware there are some really neat things for live streams on my channel with a variety of topics for people to check out.


  1. MONDAY NIGHTS: Scripture Twisters & Cults

  2. TUESDAY NIGHTS: Equipping the Saints on Doctrines/Discipleship

  3. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS (Not Every): Christianity & Morality

  4. FRIDAY NIGHTS: Eschatology

  5. SUNDAY MORNINGS: Sermons/Fellowship

  6. Upload Videos on Special Topics

  7. Spontaneous Special Streaming

These are the planned schedule days of the week starting in April for Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Wednesdays will vary from week to week on if a live stream is planned or spontaneous. Now something might come up for a special guest, debate, which could change.

People ask what do I do during the day? During the weekdays I am often am talking with people on the phone, WHATSAPP, Messenger, or online. This also a part of fellowship helping disciple/mentor believers in the faith with questions, things they wish to discuss, to help encourage, and also to pray with them.

Another thing I have been wanting to do which I have not been able to because of going through the last few months with Diverticulitis is to do street witnessing again with my evangelism display sign. I plan to soon be set up at different locations with my display sign cart and sharing the gospel with people. Please keep that in prayer as that will be a great work, new adventure, and lots of fun.

Some of you may not know me that well and I like to briefly share with a little bit about myself. For over 30 years I have served the Lord in churches such as Calvary Chapels, Southern Baptist Conference, Non-Denominational, Christian Missionary Alliance, and others. In various churches ministered to children, youth and young adults, a lay pastor, an assistant pastor, an elder, and involved with evangelism, street witnessing, discipleship and preaching. I have a Advanced Bachelor’s Degree in Apologetics & Evangelism from Trinity Bible College and Theological Seminary. I have also taken many training courses over the years such as Evangelism Explosion, Inductive Bible Study, speaker at various Apologetics conferences, and more.

As of October last year I have been serving in my ministry full time both online and offline. This was partly because of my "Diverticulitis" which last year I had to take of almost a whole month from work. I had to step away from my job, which was not an easy things to do. With much prayer and discussions with my wife, I have taken a step of faith to serve full time with my online ministry and also offline through discipleship. Through my online ministry I am able to reach people all over the world through live teachings, and through discussions offline. This has been a blessing.

When this started back in October 2023 for the first few months it was unknown, unsure, and there was not much support. The last few months have been better, and support is rising, and we are trusting the Lord. As Proverbs 3:5-6 states: "5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,And He will make your paths straight."

I want to again thank you who have been helping support through donations. If you are able to support on a regular basis whatever amount that is a huge blessing helping with our bills, needs, and the ministry. Always feel welcome to contact me with questions, prayer requests, thoughts, etc.


Berean Perspective is a full time online ministry providing streams and videos on Christian Apologetics, Discipleship, Evangelism, with private discussions and mentoring. This ministry is supported by your generosity and greatly appreciated. To support this ministry see links below.

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Lord bless you,

Kelly Powers


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