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Mid Acts Dispensationalism


Why Be Concerned With Mid Acts Dispensationalism?

This movement has been around some 100 years or so and not so much known, but it is growing more and more.  When examining their theology there are some dangers that need to be addressed, and not all of them have all of these exact beliefs, but for the most part most they do.

Hyper-Dispensationalism and the New Covenant: Dangers, False Doctrines, Truth!

Hyper-Dispensationalism (also known as Ultra-Dispensationalism, Mid Acts Dispensationalism) is a movement that sounds Biblical, but in essence have doctrines that are false and that are dangerous to the body of Christ.

Mid Acts Dispensationalist Movement: What Did Paul Preach? The Gospel or the Kingdom of God?

Within the Mid Acts Dispensationalist movement there many doctrines that are not Biblical and that need to be addressed and examined by looking at what the Bible teaches.  Those within this movement believe that Paul taught a different gospel message than what the other Apostles taught.

Mid-Acts Dispensationalism:  Which Books are for Christians, the body of Christ? of God?

Mid-Acts Dispensationalists follow doctrines solely upon the Apostle Paul.  Some of the major beliefs of this movement are:  The 4 Gospels, Hebrews, James, 1 & 2 Peter, 1 & 2 & 3 John and the book of Revelation are considered to be only for the nation of Israel.  The body of Christ began with the Apostle Paul, both Jews and Gentiles.

Reminded of the Dangers of Mid Acts False Theology and Doctrines

It was over 9 years ago that I was first introduced to Mid Acts Dispensationalism theology.  I can remember hearing so many great things at first, how the Bible was the Word of God, the Trinity Doctrine affirmed, salvation in Christ alone by faith, but there was something off which at first I just did not get.  It was over a short period of time that I realized this movement had some very serious misconceptions of doctrine and false theology concerning Jesus Christ, the apostles, and Paul.

Questions and Answers on Mid Acts Dispensational Confusion – did Jesus preach the cross for salvation?

One of the main things that the Mid Acts Dispensationalists believe that is false – is that they teach Jesus did not preach the gospel of the cross and His resurrection in Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John.  What the Mid Acts Dispensationalists mean is that this gospel message was not preached by anyone until Paul was given this revelation after Jesus’ resurrection.

What is Wrong with Mid Acts Dispensationalism? What do Mid Acts Believe about the Gospel? Why be Concerned?

Mid Acts Dispensationalists have been taught to believe that Paul was the first Christian to be saved by grace through faith in Jesus. Mid Acts Dispensationalists also believe that Paul preached a different gospel from Jesus, Peter, and the other apostles. Mid Acts Dispensationalists do not believe the mystery of grace is found in any of the New Testament writings other than Paul’s writings.

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