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Apologetics Webinar Day 2: A Defense of the Christian Faith | What is the Gospel | Counterfeit Cults

Apologetics for Christians Conference Webinar how to defend the faith and how to share the faith, and the dangers of another Jesus, a different gospel, and a counterfeit spirit. In these sessions we will be dealing with subjects on Atheism, non Christian Cults, and Christianity. Each session will be about 45 minutes to an hour teaching, and there will be 30 minutes for questions and answers where you can ask in the live chat or join the speakers directly. The speakers will be Kelly Powers from Berean Perspective Apologetics and Derrick A. Crump NowApologetics. More information about the speakers below. The scheduled times for Friday December 1 will be starting at 7pm to 10pm Eastern Standard Time and on Saturday December 2 starting at 3pm to 6pm Eastern Standard Time.

***This Apologetics for Christians Conference Webinar is free. Consider giving a donation to help support this ministry***

To Donate by Give Send God

Kelly Powers

Berean Perspective


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