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How to Identify a Cult? Who Are Modern Day False Prophets?

How to spot a Religious Cult, a false prophet, what to look for, and more. Who is a Religious Cult leader? As Christians we need to be on guard. There have been many false religious leaders over the years such as Jim Jones, David Koresh (SDA Davidian Branch), Muhammad (Islam), Charles Taze Russell (Jehovah's Witneses), Joseph Smith (Mormons), and others. There have also been many false prophets, apostles, and teachers such as people like Kenneth Copeland (Word Faith Movement), Bill Johnson (New Apostolic Reformation), Steven Furtick, T. D. Jakes (Oneness), Todd White (New Apostolic Reformation), Joel Osteen, Kathryn Krick (false apostle), and more.

This clip is from Apologetics for Christians Conference Webinar

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