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Missionary for Jesus: Adventures | Blunders | Experiments

Hello friends, so much has happened this last month. I will try to do a monthly recap of highlights as this is new for me and honestly it is exciting seeing lives being transformed in Jesus Christ. First off how are you doing? Any prayer requests? Thank you so much for your encouragement, prayers, and those who can help donate to help support me in ministry.

There are 2 ways right now to help support this ministry, and working on a new one directly from this website which should be available real soon.

  • Monthly Highlights

As stepping out in faith to serve full time as a missionary/evangelist/pastoral role since in the beginning of October till now it has been an adventure as many people have been reaching out to talk by phone, messenger, online streams, and privately online. This last month I have talked with 10 Jehovah's Witnesses in the streets, and 3 privately online. This has been a good month talking with Jehovah's Witnesses, those that I went out and talked with in the streets asking them questions, and those reaching out asking questions seeking answers. Also have had many other discussions with Catholics, Christians, and others seeking truth. Been a busy month, praise God!

Along with the various videos being uploaded there have been some amazing live streams with discussions, and people growing in their walk with the Lord. We have weeking Tuesdays Bible Study and Fellowship where people come join in live talking, interacting with other Christians, and time of prayer. This has been such a blessing seeing the Christian church, not a building but the body of Christ come together in faith and unity.

And the other night, Monday night to be specific, two current Mormons were seeking help. One who is in the live chat reached out by email, and the other came on the live street that night. Her name is Leslie, such a nice girl, who shared how she got involved with LDS church, and she shared her doubts about it. After much discussion, towards the end, she prayed to truly trust in the Jesus Christ of the Bible and what an amazing time that was! Here is the link for that discussion I am keeping in touch with her and talking with her, and helping her with finding a place for fellowship.

  • Apologetics: A Defense for the Christian Faith Webinar December 1&2

This is coming up and like to encourage you all to come if you are able to see live or for sure watch them later. Here is a brief description: "Apologetics for Christians Conference Webinar will be on Friday December 1 and Saturday December 2. “Equipping the Saints” with 4 sessions on how to defend the faith and how to share the faith, and the dangers of another Jesus, a different gospel, and a counterfeit spirit. In these sessions we will be dealing with subjects on Atheism, non Christian Cults, and Christianity. Each session will be about 45 minutes to an hour teaching, and there will be 30 minutes for questions and answers where you can ask in the live chat or join the speakers directly. The speakers will be Kelly Powers from Berean Perspective Apologetics and Derrick A. Crump NowApologetics. More information about the speakers below. The scheduled times for Friday December 1 will be starting at 7pm to 10pm Eastern Standard Time and on Saturday December 2 starting at 3pm to 6pm Eastern Standard Time."

These are some of the highlights, and thank you for your interest, prayers, those who can help support, and encouragement. If you like to get in touch, have a prayer request, just reach out. Lord bless you.

Kelly Powers

Missionary for Jesus


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